Pine Smart Diaper

What is Pine Smart?

Pine Smart is the first and only Smart Baby Diaper in the world used in the detection of bacterial urinary tract infections. The Smart Baby Diaper developed by Pine and Istanbul University School of  Medicine. Smart Pine Diaper is protected all over the world with a international patent.
Urine is an important biological waste that gives an idea about human health. Doctors often request urine samples from us to get an idea of ​​our health. As a company that has been producing diapers for the comfort of our children for years, we have provided our product that comes into contact with urine to analyze urinary tract infections.
In most babies with bacterial urinary tract infections, nitrite residue occurs in the urine. The reductase enzyme found in gram negative bacteria converts nitrate to nitrite. It is widely accepted in the scientific community and in the past literature that the presence of nitrite in the urine indicates a urinary tract infection. We have gained the feature to detect the presence of Nitrite in urine in our diapers.


When should I use Pine Smart? 

After your child's daily bath,
If your child has conditions that may suggest a urinary tract infection such as fever, weakness, loss of appetite, change in urine color and smell,
It is recommended to be used continuously for 1 month in the presence of urinary tract infection.
Optionally, there is no harm in using it instead of a normal diaper.

Pine Smart advantages

Urinary tract infection is detected early and you will be able to consult with your doctor earlier.
It is a solution to urinary intake in children
By starting early treatment, the disease is overcome in a shorter time and with milder medications, thus protecting the health of your child's kidneys.
It helps to detect urinary tract infections that do not show any symptoms.


Size Chart



Pine Smart Mini 2 12-18 lbs 24
Pine Smart Medium 3 16-28 lbs 22
Pine Smart Maxi 4 22-37 lbs 20
Pine Smart Junior 5 27 + 18
Pine Smart Extra Large 6 35+ lbs 64