Expert Opinions

Prof. Dr. Ozlem Balci Ekmekci

Istanbul University - School of  Medicine,
Faculty Member of the Department of Medical Biochemistry


Early diagnosis and treatment of childhood urinary tract infection prevents many serious health problems that may occur in the future. In this context, Pine Smart is very important in the early detection of bacterial urinary tract infections. By creating early awareness in families, ensuring that patients are referred to the doctor quickly will prevent unnecessary antibiotic use.

The Pine Smart diaper, which I personally took part in during the development phase, is the first and only product in the world, and can be considered as a pre-screening test.


Dr. Zeynep B. Gungor

Istanbul University School of Medicine,
Faculty Member of the Department of Medical Biochemistry


Rapid urine tests such as urine microscopy (bacteria and white blood cells), urine strip and determination of leukocyte esterase and nitrite are among the triage tests that are frequently used in the diagnosis and follow-up of early urinary tract infection in children. Today, urine culture is still accepted as the gold standard for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection. At least 18 hours are required to observe bacterial growth with urine culture. Therefore, in terms of rapid pre-diagnosis; Pine Smart , which we developed by determining nitrite as an infection indicator from the tests we use in daily practice and adapting it to the diaper ; I think that by avoiding rapid pre-diagnosis and unnecessary use of antibiotics, it can be a great convenience for families and physicians.